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    Storage System Product Materials

    Certified ORG® Products

    ORG® is available in a variety of melamine laminates; White, Ivory, Grey, Black, Light Cherry, Natural Maple, Candlelight, Autumn Cherry, and Mocha. Vertical panels, shelves, doors and drawers are 3/4″ thick. To see examples of each visit our Gallery of Colors.

    Panels are covered with a high quality 100 gram thermofused melamine. The premium papers are saturated with expertly blended melamine resins. Windquest Companies uses only 45# density premium industrial grade particleboard, the same board used in fine furniture and kitchen cabinets.

    The particleboard is strong. It has a modulus of rupture of 2500# per square inch, and has excellent screw holding properties.

    Drawers consist of miter-fold four sided Wrap, Bottom, and 3/4 inches adjustable Face which is screwed to the Wrap. High quality European hardware is used on drawers and Doors.

    Formaldehyde Information

    All particleboard used by ORG meets HUD standards on formaldehyde emissions. All particleboard used emits less than 0.3 parts per million when tested in accordance to the test procedures specified by the Department of Housing and Urban Development using the specified air chamber test method. (Regulation #24CFR3280)

    Flame Spread

    The particleboard substrate used is recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and urban Development, Underwriter’s Laboratories, and model building codes as having a Class III, below 200 flame spread rating.

    As with any other wood furniture product, the material must be kept away from any open flame. The material must not be place directly next to any radiator, heat duct, or other heat source, and must have adequate ventilation when installed in the vicinity of any heat source.

    Laminating Processes Defined

    High Pressure Laminate
    Usually known by its brand names, (Formica, Wilsonart), High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is formed from multiple layers of paper saturated with phenolic resin, fused together in a hot press under high pressure and heat. HPL is available in various thicknesses, most commonly .030 for vertical surfaces, and .050 for horizontal surfaces.

    Low Pressure Laminate
    (Thermofused, MCP, or Permalam) Low pressure laminate is a decorative paper saturated with resin that is bonded to particleboard under heat and pressure. Papers can be saturated with melamine, polyester, or phenolic resins, and generally have weights ranging from 80 to 150 grams per square meter.

    Film Laminating
    There are three main materials used in film laminating—foils, thin papers and vinyls. In most cases, the process is a continuous film, roll-laminating production line. The line can be a hot or cold operation, and several different types of adhesives are used in coating the board, the film or both.


    Foils are resin treated papers with weights ranging from 40 to 140 grams. They have good stain resistance and good fidelity of print pattern.

    Thin Papers

    These are very thin, almost tissue-like papers with weights ranging from 23 to 30 grams.


    Vinyls are plasticized, flexible films usually ranging from .002″ to .008″ thick. They can be of a sandwich type construction and can be embossed or top coated.

    Space Crafters’ products are made of high quality materials and come with an excellent warranty. Review our Warranty for details.

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